Jaén is a welcoming city that has charming corners where visitors can always find open high-quality bars and restaurants ready to provide them with an authentic cultural experience. Gastronomy and dining on local cuisines is an important part of visiting Jaén.

The most characteristic of Jaén food scene are the tapas, which is a “cuisine in miniature”, and have become a hallmark not only of the city but of the province, creating a lifestyle around this widespread culture. Thanks to it, visitors can taste, free of charge, a wide range of dishes, where local and proximity products have a special role since they are offered together with the drink.

The best way to explore the city’s culinary scene is by visiting the three main areas we believe all visitors should go to try the authentic food that suit each taste and interests:

At the cathedral surrounding area, visitors can get a taste for Jaén food at the most traditional, oldest bars in the city. Some of them date back to the XIX th century, so they really are tradition and authenticity.

Visitors and locals can taste their way around the Jaén tapas at the typical Saint Ildefonso neighbourhood, with dishes and the most characteristic products, and  where the  two Michelin starred restaurants are located.

Nearby locals and visitors can experience Jaén culinary food scene at the most charming squares where popular bars and pubs are situated, that is, at the  Constitution,  Dean Mazas and Pósito Squares, with its lively characteristic atmosphere.

A part from the old town, close to Batallas Square there are many bars to experience tapas, which is also embraced by the locals and visitors:  the Concordia Park and Pastiras Square.

Finally at the Boulevard, experience the Jaén’s cuisine and the international cuisine is possible.


Restaurants awarded by different gastronomic guides:

Michelín Guide

Bagá (1 Star)

Dama Juana (1 Star)

Mangas Verdes




Casa Antonio


Repsol Guide

Repsol Suns are the Spanish version of the Michelin Star.

2 suns. They guarantee excellent quality in cuisine and service
1 sun. They recognize restaurants with high quality cuisine and sufficient variety

Bagá (2 Suns)

Dama Juana (1 Sun)

Casa Antonio (1 Sun)

Radis (1 Sun)


Bar 82