Over 60 millions planted olive trees

The production is around 3 million tonnes crop year

The Picual variety accounts for 95% of the production

The province has actually around 300 olive oil mills

Expoliva: one of the most important trade fairs in the sector worldwide

The province of Jaén is the perfect place to grow the olive groves. More than 60 million trees are grown on its territory, with an estimated olive production at 3 million tonne every season. The olive oil production is estimated at 600.000 tonne in the 2021/22 season. The province of Jaén stands out as the world main producer of olive oil with 20 % of the production worldwide and with 50% of the national production, so the olive oil grow represents almost 80% of Jaén cultivated land. The opportunities for the agricultural olive oil sector represent the main economic fuel for the 97 municipalities that made up the province.

By talking about varieties, we have to say that the picual is the most important variety, which represents 95% of the production, although other varieties can be found such as arbequina, hojiblanca and royal. As for the oil mills, 40% of the Andalusian mills are located in Jaén. The province of Jaén has nowadays up to 300.

The agricultural sector of Jaén is not only internationally renowned by its oil production but also by holding the most import trade fair of the sector worldwide: the International Trade Fair of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Oil Industries: Expoliva. During its celebration more than 18 countries and 266 enterprises have attended, therefore it is the most important in its sector worldwide.