Creative Cities

The UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, was created in 2004 with the aim of promoting national and international cooperation between cities that invest and support creative cultural industries as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development and social inclusion.

The 246 cities, which currently make up this network, promote collaboration among all stakeholders: public sector, private industry sector and civil society, as well as international cooperation in order to achieve their sustainable urban development objectives. This way, cities are transformed and become resilient and sustainable, as defined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nation and to implement at local and international level.

Cities can chose one of the following creative fields: Crafts and Folk Art, Media Arts, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, and Music.

Through them, the cities of the network create innovative and strategic initiatives with a positive impact on economic, social, cultural and environmental level. This strengthens the image of the cities since they are promoted in their network.

The creative cities that make up this network are committed to:

  • Strengthen the creation, production, distribution and dissemination of cultural activities, goods and services
  • Develop centers of creativity and innovation and increase the opportunities available to creators and professionals in the cultural sector.
  • Improve access to and participation in cultural life, in particular to benefit disadvantaged groups and vulnerable people.
  • Fully integrate culture and creativity into their sustainable development plans.

Project: Jaén, Olive-Growing Tradition

The aim of Jaén’s project is to promote creativity implementing an urban sustainable development with the olive oil as the main ingredient of Jaén’s gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet. Highlighting its contribution to the sustainable circular development through the economy, health and environment.

In order to do so, we focus on three main areas:​

Jaen’s Gastronomy

Jaén’s cuisine is authentic as the result of the tradition inherited from the different peoples that have inhabited Jaén, including Jewish, Arab and Christians. A popular cuisine, which is on its way to sophistication and culinary professionals, having in common the olive oil.

Health + R & D

An essential part of Jaén’s gastronomy and due to the olive oil’s properties that provide with countless health benefits. Let’s put it at the world service.


A lasting improvement resilience and long-term social, economic and environmental issues, focusing on the role of sustainable development to improve people of Jaén’s lives, specially on environment and development.