Capers (alcaparrones)

  • Water
  • Coarse salt
  • Wine vinegar
  • Large capers



Clean the capers well and place them in a container in salted water (approximately 500 g salt for every 5 kg capers).

Cover the container with straw or hay and place it in a bright, shady spot, but place it under the sun only some minutes every day.

After four days, stir the caperberries to change the position of them, that is, place those on the bottom on the top and those on the top on the bottom.

After 8-9 days they are ready to be prepared, so wash them again.

Pour the capers in glass jars with water and 50% wine vinegar to keep.

Finally make little slits in the caperberry so that it absorb the dressing flavor.

Once they are ready, make little slits in the caperberry, and add to the water and vinegar: cumin, oregano, ground pepper and crushed garlic.